It’s not all sunshine and rainbows

2 girls admiring sunshine and rainbows over a vineyard

Its not all sunshine and rainbows….or is it? In this testimony, discover how embracing faith can unlock some sunshine and rainbows in your life too.

Faith Like a Child

Faith like child: Image of a child enjoying the little joys in life.

Experience the power of childlike faith through Summer’s miraculous encounter with God during a family trip to Japan. Witness her boldness in prayer and unwavering trust in God, reminding us all to approach Him with humility and wholehearted faith.

Heaven’s kitchen

Modern kitchen with red utensil tin holder, chopping board and cookbook

It’s September 2017 and my commercial dishwasher has decided to cark it on us. I had only purchased this cafe less than 12 months earlier so this was a huge blow for us. It’s quite a big ticket item and at that point in time, I couldn’t afford to fork out for a new dishwasher …

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While we may struggle to see beyond the horizon, God’s vision knows no bounds. This testimony shows that even when the path ahead seems uncertain, we can trust in His guidance and take solace in the knowledge that God’s perspective extends far beyond our own.