Occasionally, I do come up with some crazy ideas that just somehow manages to fall through the cracks (which I’d like to think is all part of the biger plan anyway)….and this is one of them: 

Some time in 2016, while I was pregnant with my second child, I came up with the crazy idea of buying a cafe! Its a crazy idea because it would mean juggling a toddler, and an infant (who wasn’t born yet), resigning from my very secure office job, uprooting ourselves and everything that we knew to take on this new life of waking up super early, stand on our feet all day, move back and live with my mum for a year, drown in paperwork, experience utter exhaustion – emotionally, physically and mentally….all with a smile on our face (insert smiley face with the biggest grin here!!)……how did this fall through the gaps again? (hmmm one of life’s mysteries!….or he got caught up in my excitement too!)

when we purchased the cafe, I felt God say to me “you better go grab yourself a journal because I’m about to do some amazing things.” and boy, He was not kidding! The 5 years of owning the cafe was the most challenging and enduring years we’ve ever experienced. While it had its highs, it also had its lows and many times, it really pushed us to our very limit and we felt like we were at breaking point. 

it was also during these years that God really drew us in. He came for our hearts and walked with us from the very beginning. He answered so many prayers and He taught us how to trust Him and what it really meant to have faith. And it wasn’t just around our cafe life,  but all areas of our lives.  And even though it was challenging, especially at the start, we actually never felt alone, but quite the opposite. We felt the presence of God more than ever and as tough as it was, and as much as I would never want to come up with a crazy idea like that again, it was the best thing that has ever happened to us. And because of it, we have a deep relationship with God and I would not give that up for the world. 

So each time God answered my prayers or when He spoke to me, or when He gave me a dream, or when he compelled me to do something, I recorded it in my journal. And I still continue to do it to this day. But I did think, surely He didn’t give me these testimonies to then only have them lay hidden in a book somewhere in my bedside table. There has to be a reason for telling me to “grab a journal.” 

Well here they are – a collection of my testimonies straight from my journal (cleaned up of course!) I’ve written my testimonies as stand alone pieces because I get too bogged down with trying to be chronological about it. But in reality, they are very intertwined with not just my own collection of testimonies, but with my husband’s as well. With each personal revelation of Jesus, we both grew inwardly from being your typical bonsai Christians to God-centred individuals who just want to walk in His purpose and His calling.

Happy reading!

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