So this is part II of my testimony Lost Earring Found Through Faith. If you’ve not read Part I yet, I highly encourage you to jump over there first to have a read. You will see how even more amazing our God is.

On Tuesday 12th January (about 3 months after I initially lost and found my earrings), I went swimming after work with my kids and husband. When we got home, and after getting the kids into the shower, I stood at the entry to the kitchen talking to my husband as he prepped dinner.

I still had my long sleeve swim rashie on so I decided to get out of it and as tried to take it off, it pulled on my right ear so I quickly reach up and touched my earrings, and the back of my earrings was gone (yes its happened again!)

I knew it probably just fell off right now so I’m looking every for it. I get down on my hands and knees and looked at the kitchen fall, scanning my eyes along the ground to see if I can see the cast shadow on the tiles. I looked along the kickboards, shook the kitchen floor mat, scanned the whole kitchen floor up and down. I looked on the kitchen table, the carpet, the shoe rack…pretty much everywhere within the vicinity of where I was standing. Our kitchen is not big either, rectangular in length, stove, and benchtop on one side and open benchtop on the other side. Its the size you would find in a small 2-bedroom apartment. I honestly looked everywhere, given that I only lost it recently I did not want to lose it again. I even looked inside my bikini top, and my rashie and even I got my husband to check my hair in case it was caught in there.

I think I made a good effort in trying to find it, but after all that searching and having no success, I decided to just say a small prayer and head straight for the shower. 

Even though I prayed, I did wonder if God would actually do it again for me, and for a minute there I did think “okay, the earrings are not completely wasted and I can still use the back of another earring.” But as I stepped out of the shower, I thought “You know what? No, God’s going to find my earrings for me again and so I’m not going to worry about it.”

The rest of the evening continues as normal with dinner and cleaning and washing up. My husband and I were both in the kitchen, constantly in and out and up and down the kitchen.

The next morning, I got ready for work – made myself a coffee, packed my lunch, filled up my water bottle, and then headed out to work. As I was driving to work, I decided to pray again and trust that God will return the back of my earring to me.  

Then not long after getting to work, I get a text message from my husband and this is our exact conversation: 

Felix: “I found your earring”“LOL…I stepped on it near the sandwich press”
“We looked there last night but couldn’t find it”
Me: “LOL”
“I looked everywhere!
“Was it hidden in the corner?”
Felix: “No. It was just right there. I was waiting for my toast and then I stepped on it”
I called him immediately after that, still thinking it might be along the edge of the kitchen or carpet. So it turns out he made himself a sandwich and as he stood waiting for his sandwich to toast in the press, he stepped back and landed on the back of my earring. It was right in there, exactly where I had been searching.
So of course I am excited because this is another amazing find, given that we were in the kitchen cleaning and washing up the night before and there again this morning. 
I decided to share this event with a friend of mine.
I texted her straight away and told her what just happened. She said she believed me but did ask “maybe it flicked from the sandwich press?”…….maybe……I guess anything is possible really right?
Well the next day, I get a text message from my friend saying “Hey, just stepped on the back of my earring….”
Need I say more?
God is so good!