I want to share with you the amazing story of how God answered my prayers and led me to find my lost earring.  By believing in God’s Word and speaking biblical affirmations over the situation I was able to experience this God’s power in this little   

It took place on Friday 6th November 2020. It was quite late at night and I was in bed when I realised that I had lost my earring. It was a small opaque medical-grade plastic stud earring with a little single diamonte in it. These earrings weren’t expensive (around $40), but I only recently purchased them because I was developing an allergic reaction to all my other earrings. I didn’t know exactly when I had lost the earring, but I’m guessing I may have just lost it right now in bed so my husband and I started rummaging through the blankets looking for it.  Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found and, to be honest with you, the chance of finding this small earring in my bed was quite slim because my husband and I sleep with 4 blankets, 2 pillows, and 2 cushions on our bed (yes, it can look like a mountain at times). Anyway, we couldn’t find the earring and so I stopped searching for it and decided to say a small quick prayer to God, praying for my earring to be found. 

After an unsuccessful search, my husband goes to have a shower and once he was done, I stepped into the shower. The next morning (its a Saturday), I woke up and decided I needed to have another shower because we were going out for lunch and I didn’t get to wash my hair the night before (nothing too eventful yet right? but a very important part of the testimony) – we then head out late morning for lunch and we don’t back home til about 9.30 pm that night.

1st Prayer - "What once was lost is now found"

After tucking the kids into bed, I head straight to the bathroom again for a shower. At this stage, I still hadn’t found the earring, but I’ve also not been home to even think about it. So while I was heading into the shower, I decided to pray to God again, but this time I prayed to God based on the song “Amazing Grace” and declared to him “What once was lost is now found, in Jesus’ Name” and as the words “Amen” was coming out of my mouth, I took a step into the shower and stepped on something which I knew immediately, was my lost earring. And sure enough, it was the front of my earring!! I was so excited, I praised and thanked God right there and then for hearing my prayers! It was amazing and I was over the moon!

Now going back to all these multiple showers we had – a total of 6 pairs of feet had passed in and out of the shower from Friday night to Saturday night. Yet, neither my husband nor I stepped on anything, even though our shower is not big and we both really can only step at the same place each time. 

I was so excited (like super ecstatic) but once I calmed down, I said to God “Thank you, Lord, but I still can’t use these earrings, I’m still missing the back part of the earring. And I know it’s not expensive but I don’t want to buy these earrings again as it’s just a waste of money.” 

2nd Prayer - "Parable of the Lost Coin"

That night, as I got ready for bed, I decided to take out my bible and pray on the Parable of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8).

If you’ve not read this story before, it’s basically about a lady who loses one of her ten coins. These coins are very dear to her so she lights an oil lamp, gets down on her hands and knees, and searches high and low for this one small coin. When she finally finds her lost coin, she rejoces, calling out to her neighbours to celebrate with her!

So I prayed to God and said “Lord, I am praying for this lost piece of my earring and I am praying based on Luke 15 verse 8 and just like this lady in the parable, I will celebrate and rejoice and I will tell everyone when I find this lost earring. Thank you, Lord, Amen.” 

The next morning, it’s a Sunday and I just love a good sleep-in (I’m always the last one out of bed). My husband comes into the room saying we need to vacuum today as the house is a mess. I was like “No! We can’t vacuum until I find the back of my earring!” And knowing how small the piece is, he goes “Oh my goodness, how on earth are we going to find that thing!” I’m still in bed while we are having this short exchange but then I suddenly throw the blankets off, jump out of bed and march straight to my son’s room and my eyes go straight to a spot near the entry of his doorway and it was the back of my lost earring! I picked it up and yelled out in celebration “I found it! I found the back of my earring!” I didn’t even search the floor for it. I went in there and my eyes just honed in on the earring like as though I was drawn straight to it. The thing to note here is that on Saturday, before heading out to lunch, I was in and out of my son’s room all morning because I was working on my art (its a small apartment so his room is a multi-purpose room). My husband’s clothes are also in my son’s wardrobe so he was also in and out of that room and we also tucked my son into bed on Saturday night. So again, so many feet passed in and out of that room but only after declaring God’s word over my lost earring does it reappear in plain sight. 

But wait!...It doesn't end there...

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