Faith like child: Image of a child enjoying the little joys in life.

Faith Like a Child

I recently returned from a 3-week holiday to Japan with my husband and two kids. While we were there, my daughter Summer had a pretty special experience with God. We call her our little Prayer Warrior and you’ll see why. 

So this is her testimony and it started on Friday 14th April 2023. 

We were at Akihabara, Tokyo doing some shopping for toys and souvenirs. There were 8 floors of, what looked like the same thing over and over to me – endless pokemon cards, anime cards, anime toys, and just a small selection of girly toys. 

In the midst of it all, Summer found one LOL Surprise toy which was heavily discounted because there was no box. I almost didn’t buy it for her because I thought it might have been damaged but she didn’t care, and nor did my husband. 

After all the shopping we headed to a cafe for some lunch and while we were there, Summer, sitting opposite me, opened up her toy and started playing with it. 

All was fine until towards the middle of our lunch. She handed me the toy across the table and said she’s ripped off a piece of the doll’s clothing and she can’t find it anywhere and she wants me to help her fix it.

Now, if you haven’t seen an LOL doll’s clothing before, it is made of soft, flexible rubber and each panel of the clothing is joined by an even thinner rubber. It is made in that way so that you can tear the joining pieces apart. But once it’s ripped, it’s ripped – there is no going back.

I took the doll off her and looked at it and sure enough, she’s ripped off the back left panel of the clothing.

We had a quick look around on the table and on the floor, but couldn’t find it and I said to her “Even if we did find it, I can’t even glue it back together anyway. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” 

As a side note, Summer does not like it when we say “There’s nothing I can do about it.” We’ve used that line a million times in various scenarios when we genuinely and sincerely cannot help her any further. 

But one day, after my husband said it to her, she said to him “I hate it when you say that,” 
He responded “I’m sorry sweety, but I don’t know what you want me to do….I really cannot do anything further. What do you want me to do?”
And she responded with “Well you can pray for it,”

We learned a valuable lesson that day because she was right – even when we can’t do anything about it, God can! Obviously, I needed to be reminded of this lesson again. 

So back to the LOL doll, I said to her “Even if we did find it, I can’t even glue it back together anyway. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it.” I handed the doll back to her and I could see that she was not pleased with my response. 

Little did I know, she went straight to God and prayed for Him to fix the doll for her. 

We went home and the evening continued as normal. She continued to play with her doll on the dining table and the next day (Saturday), we headed out all day but she left the doll behind at the hotel.

We get back to the hotel quite late on Saturday night and immediately she goes straight to the dining table and starts playing with her doll again. 

I sat down opposite her and was busy sending some text messages when Summer casually said “Look Mum, it’s fixed.” I took the doll from her, flipped it over, and absent-mindedly glanced at it and said, “Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”  

As I was handing it back to her she said “God’s fixed it,” and that’s when it clicked what she was trying to show me.

I quickly took it back from her and my jaw just dropped. The rubber clothing that was ripped off and missing was on the doll again, intact and like new! (see images below)

I was completely speechless. My jaw was still open, eyes wide in shock with the doll in my hand. I was staring at her waiting for an explanation but she just sat there smiling innocently at me.

When I finally managed to put some words together I said “What happened? I don’t get it. How? What? Tell me!” I was just flabbergasted.

She said “I prayed for it twice and He fixed it for me,”
“Twice? When?” I wanted to know more, I wanted all the details. I was awe-struck but I was also struggling to comprehend what I was seeing. 

She said “I prayed twice, once at the cafe after you gave it back to me and I prayed again later when I lost the 2nd piece,” WHAAAT?? She pointed to the 2nd piece on the right that I didn’t even know was torn off – I didn’t see this myself, but she said it was ripped off too and so she prayed again for God to fix it. 

“So how did you pray for it to be fixed?” I asked and she said, “I just said Thank You God for fixing my doll.” Then she took the doll back from me and kept playing without a care in the world.

What I love about this testimony is being able to witness how Summer is able to fearlessly bring her burdens to God. For me, she is the epitome of “childlike faith.” Unencumbered by inhibitions, she lays her concerns at the feet of her Father. 

Her boldness in prayer, coupled with wholehearted faith, exemplifies a profound understanding of her identity as a beloved child of God.

She doesn’t timidly ask, but boldly requests, knowing without a doubt that her Father hears and answers her prayers. 

May we all learn to approach the thrown of God with the childlike faith that He wants us all to have.

Thanks for reading and for more testimonies to lift your spirit, head over to our Jesus Testimonies page.

Front of LOL doll

The image above shows what a LOL doll looks like and the rubber outfit it comes with. The back left panel (circled in yellow) is the piece that broke off and was missing. The right panel is the one that Summer said broke off later. It’s only a fine thin rubber that holds it in place. I took this photo on the Saturday night.